About Us

We’re Chris and Harrison Smith, a father/son nerd team who have set a goal that’s near on impossible. But probably pretty damned fun.

We begin with nothing but a few ideas and this blog. When we’re done, we’re hoping to have a finished book good enough to rank with the masters. Will it happen? Who knows. Is it hubris of the worst kind? No, not the worst, but probably of some kind. Will it be fun? Damn skippy.

A little about Chris’ geek bona fides: He’s an old school nerd, who can remember the world before STAR WARS. To give you a flavor of his interests, he’s a fan of the old-school STAR WARS, BLADE RUNNER, RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, TWIN PEAKS, Ron Moore’s reimagined BATTLESTAR GALACTICA (best TV SciFi of the last 20 years). And of course, almost every iteration of STAR TREK. Favorite books: HUCKLEBERRY FINN (of course) LONESOME DOVE, LA CONFIDENTIAL, THE GREAT GATSBY, The SONG OF ICE AND FIRE series, SHERLOCK HOLMES, Ian Fleming’s original JAMES BOND books. In non-fiction, it’s  Jon Krakauer’s INTO THIN AIR, and after that, it’s pretty much non-fiction all the way down.

Now Harrison. He’s a huge fan of the HARRY POTTER novels (to quote: “They’re better than the prequel STAR WARS Trilogy”) HUNGER GAMES, A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS, the ALEX RIDER series. And ANIMAL FARM. Yes, ANIMAL FARM. Favorite films: STAR WARS (Episodes 4-6 of course), the first three INDIANA JONES (the fourth one “stinks”), THE GODFATHER (which would be PG-13 if it came out today), Disney movies and the TOY STORY series.

More as this project develops…

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