Math Tells Us the Best Movie Franchise

What’s the best movie series? Impossible to know, you say? Movies are works of art which can only be known in the human heart? True. But also, the correct answer is Peter Jackson’s MiddleEarth movies.

Somedays you just want to start a fight, you know?

Sometimes, when I’m mired in the bogs of middle-chapters, I like to take a look at what I like, and why.

Today’s diversion is reveals a truth that’s been staring us all in the face. As a culture, these are the movie series we love most, laid out with cold, hard numbers.

While I was surprised the series made up of Jackson’s LORD OF THE RINGS and THE HOBBIT trilogies came out on top, I was not shocked to see Michael Bay’s THE TRANSFORMERS series coming in below EVERYONE ELSE.

While lists and ranked lists especially are rightly scoffed at, sometimes they can reveal some interesting trends. But enough yapping. I’ve put it all together in this table for us to look at and distract ourselves from what we should be doing right now.

Best Movie Franchises Ranked-FINAL